Plan Now for 5G Datacenters and the Devices that Connect to Them   

Fifth generation (5G) telecommunication networks will transform computing. 


It will allow much more data – especially high bandwidth data formats – to run across the network and enable many more real-time applications. This will likely result in significant growth of IoT devices and, thanks to the convergence between end nodes and datacenters, HPC and AI will finally be practical at the edge. 

However, both 5G devices and the datacenters they connect to will need to be designed differently than technology meant to run on 4G. 

Organizations looking to deploy HPC, AI, or edge devices on 5G networks must consider:

Implications to

engineering, software design,

and manufacturing

Environmental, endurance and

workload, data retention, monitoring

and security at the device level

Additional technical requirements when


HPC, AI, or edge devices

Learn more about what to consider in this white paper from CIO magazine.